Worldwide Soccer Academy

The vision of the Worldwide Soccer Academy (“WWSA”) is to provide solutions for Elite Football Programs based on a network of experts and managers in the sport, experienced in different markets from the US, Europe to Asia, the Middle-East and South America.


WWSA’s field of expertise for above mentioned solutions ranks from consulting sport organizations in technical and organizational matters, event production and management to financial solutions for venue projects. 





WWSA provides its Base Brasil Football Academy solutions for player identification, development and player management for the world’s largest talent pool of players: Brazil and other countries in Central & South America.

The focus is to capture talents on a very young age and develop them further but also discover developed but undervalued (youth & pro) players with the potential of succeeding on a high national and international level of pro-football.

In the last three years more than 75 players have been scouted, trained and placed in top clubs in top Brazilian clubs where WWSA is supporting the further career of these young athletes.






WWSA offers solutions for professional football clubs in all areas of club management, providing consulting services through its Team of Experts in the technical and organizational areas as well as financial strategies.

Venue Development

Based on the strategic partnership with Beacon Sports Capital Partners LLC, a Boston, USA, based Sport Investment Bank and one of the world´s leading architectural firms, gmp architekten, Berlin, Germany, WWSA is offering consulting services in the area of venue financing and development.



In partnership with Let´s step forward (sport and entertainment events) and United Football Management Ltd. (FIFA Match Agent) WWSA developed its own content as well co-financed and organized events (e. g. friendly game of the football national teams of Brazil and Japan, in Poland, 2012).




WWSA represents the world´s leading NGO in violence prevention programs in Brazil, the Non-Violence Project Foundation, NVPF, founded 1993 in Switzerland. For this purpose, the Associação Non-Violence Project Brasil has been founded in 2011. The association is implementing NVP´s life skill programs in Base Brasil´s network of football schools, in favelas in the cities of Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Santos and Blumenau as well as raising awareness for the cause and organizing fundraising events.






Originally developed together with FC Internazionale Milano  for WWSA´s Inter Campus program in the US, the Inflatable Soccer Park has also featured in numerous WWSA´s soccer camps in California, USA, a special 10 day event at LEGOLAND California as well as in events in Austria, leading up to the UEFA Euro 2008 Final in Austria and Switzerland..  

Designed for players of all levels, age groups and genders, the Soccer Park is a fun experience to test a player´s technical ability in 8 different skill stations, a 3 vs 3 Indoor Dome as well as a 7 vs 7 football field.



The drill is designed to make a player dribble among the obstacles in the fastest time.  The drill test the coordination of the player, the ability to manage stress in a situation, and the control the player has with a soccer ball. 



The drill is design evaluate the velocity at which a player can kick a soccer ball.  The ball is hit into the soccer net where upon radar gun detects the velocity of the ball.



The drill is designed to test a player’s ability to make a free-kick overcoming a wall.  The ball must touch the ground after the goal line.  The test is to measure a players accuracy and touch within a given soccer game situation.



The drill is set up for soccer balls to drop from one of a three-hole funnel.  The player must shoot the ball with control before it hits the ground.  The drill is determining a player’s reaction time and their ability to shoot a controlled shot in a pressure situation.



A player has a free shot at three different targets.  The player must knock over all three of the targets.  This is testing a player’s fundamental accuracy with a soccer ball.



Sniper is a more challenging accuracy test than the inflatable drill Target.  The player is given a free-kick to aim the soccer ball through several targets.  The targets range in size, which determines their point value and resulting evaluation score.



The drill is designed to test a player’s awareness and dribbling control in a timed pressure situation.  The player must negotiate through a labyrinth and find the exit as soon as possible.  The player must look at the direction he/she is focusing on rather than staring at the ball.  The faster the player reaches the end the higher the score.



The drill is set-up to make a player dribble through a variety of obstacles.  A player must use ball control, awareness and speed to finish this drill in the quickest time.