Investment Banking, Brokerage & Advisory Services for the Professional Sports Industry


Beacon Sports Capital Partners, LLC was formed as a unique investment bank and financial advisory firm specializing in the professional sports industry and related businesses.  Although professional sports ranks among the Top 20 in revenue of all US industries, it has never attracted the attention it might otherwise warrant from the capital markets; league, franchise and venue transactions tend to be held privately with little to no financial specifics disclosed to the public.  As a direct result, capital formation is inefficient and creating financing is all but unavailable.  Concurrently, this also inhibits the formation or expansion of sports league, depresses the values of individual franchises as well as obstructs the development of new sporting venues.

Currently there exists a critical need for capital formation in the professional sports industry.  With inefficient flow of capital along with the absence of creative industry-tailored financing, the business of operating and expanding the profitability of many professional sports franchises has become hindered.  This, in turn, is hampering the formation and expansion of new professional sport leagues as well as the development of new venues.  Principles in the professional sports industry seek the advisory services that address the ever-changing challenges inherent in the business of professional sport ownership. 

Beacon Sports Capital Partners, LLC addresses the market needs of clientele unprepared to develop a major project and unaware of how to structure, finance or develop new sporting facilities.   Beacon can create and tailor distinctive solutions for companies in the increasingly complex business of professional sports.  Beacon and its personnel have completed over two billion dollars worth of sport and non-sports projects.  Our staff works as an extension of the client’s personnel to aid in the organization, assembly and management of projects on behave of the owner on a daily basis.