Raising Awareness

The work of the NON-VIOLENCE PROJECT is a prime example of what we can do for our citizens through community action.
— Bill Clinton, US President 1993-2001

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Our ambassadors come primarily from the world of music, sport, the arts and contemporary culture.

We cannot change the world alone. Our work depends on the support of well-known personalities from around the world, each of whom increase public awareness of Peace and Non-Violence, and the work that NVP is doing with young people. 

In Brazil:

Over 50 celebrities, artists, musicians, athletes and football clubs, sports organizations have jointed our call, supporting us relentlessly raising funds and awareness for our programs in Brazil.


A Non-Violence Project Brasil fecha parceria com o Corinthians, um forte aliado contra a violência no futebol.

Marcelle Bittar fala sobre a Não Violência, sua participação no projeto e comenta a criação da sua Arma Atada "Ânima".




The Non-Violence sculptures, interpreted and painted by children and internationally renowned role models within Sport, Music and Art, are currently displayed in cities throughout the world with its special edition of the “Football for Peace-Tour”.



Football for Peace-Tour

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, we engaged several prominent football players such as Buffon, Ballack, Mokoena and Palacios to paint and interpret the Non-Violence symbol. The campaign included daily soccer tournaments, violence prevention education, life skills training and a ”Train the Trainers” program to secure continuity beyond the World Cup.

In Brazil:

The “Futebol Pela Paz – Circuito Brasil” will be held as Legacy Program of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in several of the hosting cities from 2015 on. During this period we will train and educate thousands of teachers and sport coaches in the cities. Intersted sponsors have the opportunity to participate through a tax incentive program (Lei Rouanet). For further information please see [link to sponsor presentation].

The campaign is designed to also lead to further engagement with the Olympic Games Rio 2016.




The world’s largest call for peace and non-violence aims at inspiring people across the globe to sign up. Our global call is linked to major social networks, our partners’ websites and is personally endorsed by several internationally renowned individuals.



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A choir with children from 174 nationalities performed to honor John Lennon at a 30 year commemoration event in Sweden in 2010;


A number of bands and artists joined NVP in 2012 on a viral call to pay tribute to United Nation´s annual “World Peace Day”, with concerts in Uganda, Norway, Mexico, Sweden, USA, Faroe Islands.


NVP participated at the Verbier Music Festival in 2011;


In Brazil: presented by Aliados.


Over 200,000 young people participated in music concerts held in 2011 and 2012 in Mexico, featuring NVP at the event.


In Brazil 2013: Sepultura and Derrick Green presenting NVP during the festival “Rock in Rio” live and on national Brazilian TV.