Education & Technology 

"The latest technology is used in all levels of the player development process and test results are compared with scientific databases from elite sports."


Talent Diagnostic System (TDS)


The Talent Diagnostic System is a computer-based tool of performance diagnostic for Talent-Identification

  • 30+ coordination tests evaluate potential capacity for elite sport performances.
  • Results are compared to reference values from peer groups and top athletes.
  • A continuing profile of strength/weaknesses is established as base of a long-term training design/career consulting.


Sports Code’s Gamebreaker - a real-time game analysis system

Player and team performances are captured on video, coded based on the technical-tactical  focus of evaluation, analyzed, and feedback is given back to the coaches and athletes in visual form (Talent Development).


Team of Experts


The use of the technology above is combined with the Team of Experts` long-time expertise in elite sports and their scientifically developed databases.

  • Databases available in the areas of technical-tactical, physical and psychological development.
  • Implementation of best protocols in all areas of development
  • Coaches Education Program (3x / year) for all coaches of the Centers of Excellence


The Program


Integration of the process of player identification, development & management.

  • Technical-Tactical program in all aspects of football
  • Individual, positional and team development
  • Individual, positional and team development (From Talent to Player to Team Player)

Concept of an Integrated Education Program


* English Classes:

  • to learn English in a sporting context
  • to write and speak on a basic level, focusing on conversation
  • to achieve the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

* Computer Classes:

  • to learn common ICT skills
  • to engage with social media
  • to build research and practical learning skills



Life Skills Program

Non-Violence Project


Official Partner of Base Brasil

The programs of the Non-Violence Project Foundation have been successfully implemented for more than 6 million children and educators in five continents, winning 70 international awards.

The implementation of the Non-Violence Project Foundation programs in the context of sports, especially football, have been proven highly motivating for participants with significantly high results.

The programs teach skills, life value, through the tool of sport to help young people understand the basic values of life, to "inspire, motivate and engage young people in a global movement to radically reduce violence and change attitudes."


10 Ways

  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Know your personality
  • How to react in adverse situations
  • Emotional control
  • Engage in a dialogue (fair rules of combat)
  • How to resolve conflicts peacefully
  • What is "NON -Violence"?
  • What does the "NON-Violence" symbol mean for you?
  • Follow the stars of international football and use the image in white Knotted-Gun to contribute their idea of peace and "NON-Violence"!




Base Brasil views the work with our players as a challenge to develop the person as a whole. Modern football training sees the player as psycho-physical and social entity.

  • Base Brasil programs have the goal to integrate the methodologies of international experts from different fields of elite sports.
  • Base Brasil programs operate with stand-of-the-art technology.
  • Base Brasil is focusing on all areas of the player’s development: Talent Identification, Talent Development and Talent Management to secure more talents the possibility to live their dream.