Living a Dream

"Using the positive power of football to reach out to young people and offer support for their overall development."







INTER Academy Base Brasil is an official partnership between WWSA and FC Internazionale Milano,bringing th eINTER Academy programme to Brazil, with a network of football schools in 13 states throughout Brazil.

We provide the organizational structure, educational and sports programs, our Team of Experts (internationally recognized coaches) and the life skill programs of our partner, the Non-Violence Project. The program is not only focused on the technical area of training young athletes, but the integral development of physiological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects.



  • Development of the athlete and the person;  
  • Combine the processes of athlete formation in school and sports;  
  • Application of state-of-the art technology;  
  • Application of best protocols by a Team of Experts; and  
  • Integration of the identification, the development and the management of these players





Further development of our partner schools to Centers of Excellence with upgraded sports facilities as well as building our own National Training Center.


Adding our own middle and high school education to the football program to provide a 360 degree program for the athletes.

INTER Academy Base Brasil Network

Further integration of football schools across teh country and the development of a new National Training Center.